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The United Kingdom has entered what is, arguably, its most dangerous moment since the second world war. It is 20 months since Article 50 was handed to the European Commission and since then the country has been bitterly divided. Many other countries are used to bitterly divisive politics - Italy, Lebanon and more recently the USA for example. For the British - a people that doesn't 'do' revolution - this is an alien and hideously uncomfortable experience. We really don't like it.  

However, Britain is finally united - in disgust. This deal is a fudge of monumental proportions that makes absolutely nobody happy. It's a deal that does indeed see the UK leave the EU. However, when fully played out, it has the very real potential to leave Britain inside a UK-wide customs union. Worse still, the deal forces Northern Ireland to agree to a different set of rules to Great Britain. That creates a border down the Irish sea. This is, constitutionally, an extremely dangerous way to proceed. 

Nobody knows what was discussed during those negotiations. Nobody knows how hard she fought for her country. But everybody knows that this deal leaves us inside a customs union, without the ability to have a say in the rules that will govern us. Parliament now faces a Hobson's Choice: Theresa May's deal or no deal at all. 

The latter is the default position - in the absence of any other arrangement, the law stipulated that Britain will simply leave the EU without a deal. Many Brexiteers prefer this option because it is seen as a clean break: a fresh start that enables the country to chart its own course in a globalised economy free of EU restrictions. For remainers, the idea of a leaving without a deal is anathema - a fast-track to economic catastrophe and political uncertainty that will create chaos at British ports and ruin just-in-time supply chains. Media reports tell us that it will lead to shortages in food and medicines. In truth, nobody knows what a no deal scenario will look like until it happens.

In the background, Conservative MP's are plotting to have her removed and globalist figures such as Blair and big business are pushing for a re-run of the referendum. All we know as of today is that the elected politicians of our country have been forced to make a Hobson's Choice: a free choice in which only one thing is offered. Whether you're a leaver or a remainer, this is a nightmare that lies at the feet of only one woman and it is likely that she will never be forgiven. 


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