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Corporate banking


Investors, shareholders and the triple bottom line

Corporate banking

Since inception in 2012, TWS has written for corporate banks across the developing and developed markets. Our work very often revolves around financial reporting, including the development of annual reports, financial results press releases and thought leadership articles and blogs that communicate the important role that corporate banking plays in SME development and wider socio-economic growth. 

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Financial services


Talking about building sound financial futures

Financial services

We write for retail banks across the EMEA region, penning annual reports, brochures, taglines and video narrations for everything from new online banking services to savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans and insurance products.


Within the later we have written for a wide variety of small and large regional and international insurance and re-insurance firms that cover everything from disaster to medical insurance.

We very often work as an extended part of a bank's marketing department, with contracts that place us and our writing at the heart of a busy bank's product development and customer acquisition activities.




Articulating the extraordinary impact of financial technologies

For several years we've been working with FinTech start-ups, unicorns, blue chips and public sector bodies, helping them to articulate their products, innovations and social impact messages. FinTech represents much more than POS terminals and chip and pin. For most organisations operating in this space in the developing markets, FinTech is about enabling SME growth, enfranchising the unbanked and empowering women.


We're writing about how African innovators are changing how farmers access markets, or how micro-credit is enabling entrepreneurship. 

We love learning about these kind of issues and the more we write, the more we learn. We hope that we can join with you to help you tell your story in the incredible world of FinTech. 

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