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Articulating the digital transformation

We love tech. From incubator hubs to FinTech sandboxes, blockchain and the wonderful world of online retail, we love writing about how the digital transformation is changing our world. We write about technologies that are making our planet cleaner and fairer such as cutting edge photovoltaic panels in the Moroccan deserts to back-to-basics solar technologies in remote sustenance farming communities in the Nigerian countryside. We've written blogs about call-centre technologies, digital seismic exploration solutions, payment gateways, online VC platforms and payment wallets. 

We'll let you into a little secret - we created this website ourselves.  We're not designers or developers so we could easily have outsourced - but we love to learn about the solutions that are making businesses function easier and more efficiently. So, whilst we'd rather not mention which online 'build-your-own' we learnt to use from scratch, we think its a great solution that reflects how far technology has come. 

It's all about creating solutions for a global society that is fairer, easier to navigate and inclusive. That's why we love to articulate the digital transformation. 

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