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miners working

Societies' building blocks

The smartphone on your desk would not be possible without the existence of mines. Nor could the gold on your wrist or the diamond on your finger. The metal pan you fry with and the steel that supports your apartment all come from under the earth. So, whilst few think about where the things that form our lives come from, some will have an opinion about mines - and it isn't always flattering. Scratch beneath the surface though (pardon the pun) and the truth is that many of the world's mining firms operate to the highest standards.

We have learned much from our relationships with mining and mining services companies. We've worked hard to communicate to international and local press through thought leadership, just how much energy and capital goes in to making mines great places to work.

Mines create jobs and contribute wealth to local communities. It does, of course, face challenges - the sector is often blighted by illegal mining, which is dangerous and linked to criminal gangs. As writers we have to be aware of this sector's challenges - but we have a duty to reflect the truth. The diamonds and phones we all love are by and large ethically mined. The commodities that mining give rise to contribute to medical research, space exploration and state-of-the-art batteries that are making renewables viable. It's a nuanced, complex sector - but we love it. 

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