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Sustainable Energy


We write about the complexities of the energy sector all the time. Our content often explores the challenges of renewables, whether it is the limitations of storage (batteries), the efficacy of photovoltaics or how micro-financing is funding renewable innovators in least developed countries.


The energy ecosystem never stands still and it is incredible to see how the price of solar and wind solutions has fallen - bringing a future built on renewables much closer to reality. There remain hurdles - political, societal and technical - and as those challenges are overcome we're very often telling the good news story. With great Arabic copywriters in the GCC - and native English copywriters across EMEA - we have become a natural choice for organisations and individuals looking for a copywriting agency able to articulate the unique complexities and issues inherent in energy.

Rig Maintenance

Oil and gas

The content that we develop within the oil and gas space is varied - ranging from economic and political commentary on the impact of oil prices to technical advances in seismic surveying for oil exploration. We have worked - and continue to work - for some of the largest and best known oil and gas companies in the world. We have written their websites, sustainability performance reports, internal communications collaterals and annual reports.


We have written creative content - like taglines, print advertisements and advertorials - right across the oil and gas value chain, from storage tankers to forecourts. From LPG to bio-fuels, the oil and gas sector provides us with a multitude of solutions, services and technologies that never fail to thrill us.

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