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Courtroom Chairs

Humanising the complexities of law

We have worked with a number of law firms, helping to communicate issues relating to the ever-changing regulatory landscape, from tax to immigration. Very often we have been tasked with updating law firms' websites to reflect new legislation. Similarly, we are often asked to write regular blogs that pass comment or opinion on the effect of regulatory changes on various stakeholders. Over recent years we have commented on issues as varied as the impact of Brexit on the UK's trading future with the EU, or how NHS immigrant surcharges might effect low income families from the developing nations.

We're very comfortable writing about law and legal issues and adept at showcasing a law firm's expertise through engaging, well-researched content that reflects the realities of law and its impact on people and businesses. With great Arabic copywriters in the GCC - and native English copywriters across EMEA - we have become a natural choice for organisations and individuals looking for a copywriting agency that can articulate the comlplexities of law.

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