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Environment Pollution

Harsh environmental realities

Over the years we have written about every conceivable issue relating to climate change and its impacts. They are far-reaching, complex and in many ways seemingly intractable. Many of our clients in sub-Saharan Africa grapple with the intricate but serious symbiotic relationship between climate change, agricultural jobs, entrepreneurship, SME success and national food security.

We also support - on an ongoing basis - government and not-for-profit bodies that are working hard to tell the story of environmental responsibility: be it through the development of smart and / or sustainable cities, or through initiatives that protect the breathtakingly beautiful Dugongs (sea cows) of the Arabian Gulf.

Be it an annual report that tells of an organisation's progress in environmental matters or consumer-facing adverts and brochures - we're always on hand to work with people and organisations that care as much about our planet and humanity as much as we do. 

Whilst many of the core areas of discussion in the acronym ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) have been on the company agenda for several years, ESG has become a central requirement in a company's reporting and operations. Moreover, such matters are part of the triple-bottom-line story and are taken seriously by citizens, media and investors. The latter are increasingly looking to ESG standards and policies as part of the due diligence process before making investments.

As writers, we have worked with communications teams to help them articulate their policies in a way that can be understood in press releases, brochures, white papers or annual reports. Ultimately, ESG principles affect the world around us and the human experience. Being able to explain what they are, how they are adopted in a corporate setting and what they mean on 'Main Street' is of enormous importance. 

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